How Can They Help A First Time Home Buyer?


It's a common myth that when buying a home, you have to jump through a million hoops of fire to find the property that's perfect for you. As a first time home buyer, this assumption can make things appear daunting, if not impossible. In moments like these, it's important to not only broaden your own horizons but to get a real estate professional to help guide you through the process.


One of the first things a real estate agent will explain when it comes to finding a home for you is what the best process is based on the market and it's trends. An example of a real estate trend is "mortgage rates."  As a first time home buyer, you must be financially prepared to buy, especially in a market where property inventory is low.  There are various loan programs that will help you get what you want in a way that is fitting to your specific circumstances. A knowledgeable agent knows that rates are constantly fluctuating and is aware of new loan programs that are constantly becoming available; they also know how to advise you as to how long or quickly it will take to get through the mortgage process, which determines how quickly you will be in your new home.


Another popular trend an experienced agent will know to point out is the volume of homes for sale. Is there a reason why homes are selling fast or not selling at all in particular neighborhoods?  Are there too many homes for sale, but, not enough buyers? You will want to work with a negotiating guru to help determine how much you should pay for these homes under specific scenarios; an experienced agent will know when it is time to be aggressive on price (especially in multiple bid situations) and when it is fair to come in with a lower offer.

Just as you do your research when you are buying a new car, a new camera, or any other product for that matter, you must do the same when looking for a home. Know the trends, know the market, know the strategy! Knowing the trends simply help you understand the market so that you are in a position to negotiate and bargain in a sensible manner, but having a knowledgeable agent by your side will ensure that your best interests are met. Get yourself a Salas Team Real Estate Agent today and get on the fast track to finding your dream home!