With the Spring Market in full swing it's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of all the other homes hitting the market. So how do you know how to competitively enter the market while still getting the results you're looking for out of your home sale? The simple solution: consult a licensed real estate agent.


It's important in this moment to know what you want out of your home sale, and with the right real estate agent, you'll find this is usually the first thing discussed. Whether it be getting the top dollar for your home, selling quickly, or just selling because you're moving to a new location, your agent will find the best process and target market to fit your purpose.


Evaluating your market will be the first step in deciding how to price your home in comparison to the others selling in your neighborhood and /or zip code. These comparables also known as (COMPS) are done by your real estate agent and presented to you where along with your own personal reason for selling makes up the price you decide to ask for your home.


It's important not just to know the types of homes selling and for what price but also the type of people buying and why. For example the Philadelphia area is a forever growing city where pockets are constantly going up in value. Take the "Fairmount properties" for instance. Investors along with a real estate agent recognized a demand for homes in that area, analyzed the demographics and built a style of home, priced for it's market which was sold in no time by The Salas Team! The same goes for your home. New or not, knowing your market will bring value to your buyers and competitiveness to your listing, which of course, Gets Your Home Sold!


Contact a real estate agent at the Salas Team today and be on your way to a competitively priced home you can guarantee will sell. Check out this home below which Sold recently with the Salas Team and see how you can join the ranks!